I create a range of handmade stoneware ceramics. Methods used are a mixture of coiling and slab building. Most of my pieces are particularly made for an outside setting and include abstract sculptures, water features, totem poles, pumpkins and planters. The pieces are made using a variety of stoneware clays and are finished with both glazes and oxides. Abstract pieces are normally unglazed as the fired clay seems to create the interest and effect I am seeking. There has been experimentation in geometric shapes in the past few years, partly driven by a desire to see if complex shapes can be replicated in clay.

My main interest is in form and finish, a quest that is still in its infancy. My inspiration comes from the world around me and from the many potters who continually open my eyes to new possibilities.

The early interest to try pottery came after visits to the Chelsea Flower Show. I was fascinated to see how art can complement and enhance plants and design. My wife was a Garden Designer and all early pots were made for a garden setting.

I discovered coiling techniques early on and found that there are no limits to what can be produced. Coiling can be used very creatively. Slab building came after I attended a course with James Oughtibridge. He introduced not only new techniques but also new creative opportunities. Overall, the process of making pots, working with my hands, the physical nature of clay and how it can be transformed are all crucial to my interest in ceramics.

The process of learning has progressed to the stage where I am completely independent. That comes with responsibility of mixing glazes and firing the work. There have been some interesting results and disasters along the way.

My pieces reflect aspects of my personality. There is humour, the need for experimentation, personal challenge, a wish to keep moving forward and a fascination with style and form.

My philosophy is to make pieces that please me and then perhaps they might please others.