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Beautifully hand-crafted sculptures and garden pieces.


I create a range of handbuilt ceramics. Most are produced by coiling though some slab building is used. Most of my pieces are relevant to an outside setting and include water features, birds and statuary. The pieces are made using a variety of stoneware clays and are finished with both glazes and oxides. My main interest is in form and finish, a quest that is still in its infancy.

Artist Statement

My early inspiration came after visits to the Chelsea Flower Show. I was fascinated to see how art can complement and enhance plants and design. My wife is a Garden Designer and my early pots were made for garden settings, including planters, birds and water features.

 I discovered coiling techniques early on and most of my pots are made using that method. There are no limits to the form and coiling can be used very creatively. The process of making pots, working with my hands, the physical nature of clay and how it can be transformed are all crucial to my interest in ceramics.

My pots reflect aspects of my personality. There can be humour, the product of experimentation, personal challenge and a fascination with style. Having had a forced break from ceramics I now have more time to explore form, texture and colour. While some pieces can be placed in a garden setting more are now made for internal display.

 My philosophy is to make pieces that please me and then perhaps they might please others. I have yet to fully develop my personal style but through study and exploration that may be getting closer. My inspiration comes from the world around me and from the many potters who continually open my eyes to new possibilities.


These are pieces, past and present that I have created. If you would like more information or are interested in any of the pieces, please contact me.

Bucks Open Studios

Milton Keynes

Kingsbury Barn Exhibition

St Albans

Town Farm Art Show


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Laurie Keck Ceramics

If you would like to contact me, you can call me on my mobile ( 07774898402 ), or send me an email using the form to the right

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